Regional Maintenance Coordinator
St. Louis, MO
EAGLE-St. Louis

Position: Regional Maintenance Coordinator

Reports To: National Facilities Director

Position Summary: We are dedicated to providing the very best education to our students. The physical appearance and maintenance of our facilities is a major part of our mission.  The Maintenance Coordinator will be responsible for coordinating all maintenance of our facilities including: landscaping, parking surfaces, HVAC systems, cleaning, and any mechanical/electrical systems. This is a full time position. This includes normal work weeks of Monday- Friday with on call responsibilities required during days off and evening hours.
  • Proactively maintain mechanical and electrical equipment with the goal of minimizing system down time
  • Manage a system to handle all maintenance service requests from building managers and ensure facilities are fully operational on all school days
  • Assess maintenance issues and determine if an outside vendor needs to be brought in to remedy the issue
  • Coordinate, supervise, and inspect all vendor projects to ensure they are complete and meet the expectations of the building leader
  • Work with school site employees to address maintenance concerns or issues
  • Develop comprehensive list of all maintenance tasks each year for each facility
  • Maintain the following items:
Trash removal – dumpsters, site, interior;  Landscaping – lawn, weed control, plant care; Lighting – replace bulbs, ballasts; Site drainage – storm drains, gutter, downspouts; Plumbing fixtures- repair, adjust, replace; Electrical;  Fire suppression –  fire alarms, fire extinguishers, fire sprinkling system; Window cleaning; Fencing repair; Emergency lighting, test and repair; Exterior and interior lighting – program controllers and bulb maintenance; Building façade; Parking lot doors and gates – operators and hardware; HVAC units; Windows and doors – locks and lubrication; Walls – patch and paint; Railings – inspect and touch up; Irrigation; Counters and bathroom partitions – repair; Baseboards and moldings; Flooring; Refrigerators – condensers, drains, filters ; Asphalt; Exterior painting or surface repair; Elevator; Pest control; Security systems; access control, alarm systems, low voltage, cameras, recorders, burglar alarms, low voltage wiring; Theft; Utilities; Vandalism; Roof repair and maintenance; Snow removal; Misc. repairs etc.

  • 5 or more years of commercial building maintenance experience (buildings over 40,000 square feet a plus).
  • Highly organized with a keen attention to detail.
  • Unwavering commitment to excellence no matter the obstacle.
  • Commitment to the mission of Eagle College Prep and Compass Educational Programs and the understanding of how facility maintenance responsibilities directly influence the success of the mission.
  • Strong critical thinker with the ability to make quick, accurate decisions.
  • Possess the ability to know when a project needs an expert and is willing to seek advice when solution is ambiguous.
Compensation: EAGLE Schools offers a competitive compensation package, including:  medical benefits, employer matched retirement account, access to an employer administered Flexible Spending Account, and all the tools needed to accomplish your job.


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