Milwaukee, WI
Summer 2017
HOPE Christian Schools

Position: Principal
Reports To: Regional Executive Director
Position Summary: HOPE Christian Schools is seeking a strategic, dynamic leader to lead a high-performing K-8 school and continue the strong academic gains set in motion by the previous principal.  The principal must be committed to dramatic student achievement for all students and willing to do whatever it takes to close the achievement gap.  Our students work extremely hard and are held to very high expectations regarding both academic achievement and character and faith development.  Achieving these high standards requires a commitment to loving our students, an unwavering belief that all children can and must succeed, and a deep passion for developing the character of a serving leader in every child.
Key Responsibilities:

Drives direction of the school
  • Identifies and hires new staff including all teachers, director of operations, teaching assistants, and support staff
  • Takes charge of student recruitment and ensures school is at capacity for academic year
  • Leads the effort to initiate and build relationships with key community stakeholders
  • Manages the budget and contributes to the creation of a multi-year budget model
Develops and oversees all school operations
  • Ensures a world-class educational model is developed and delivered for every student (curriculum and instructional strategies, school culture, student performance, character development)
  • Is a catalyst for efficient, accurate, and transparent business models (accounting, financing, purchasing, facilities management, technology, reporting, compliance, student recruitment, food and transportation services, safety)
  • Ensures consistent school schedules, including school calendars, regional training, and school compliance
  • Establishes, codifies and enforces school policies and procedures
Team Building
  • Inspire, motivate, and encourage key stakeholders
  • Build strong relationships, communicate, and collaborate with key stakeholders
  • Ensure that staff members are engaged in purposeful professional growth developing teacher, school, and network leaders
  • Evaluate all staff members according to written performance indicators aligned with their job descriptions
  • Exemplify and expect core values from self and others
  • Execute the purposeful plan
  • Drive student achievement results
  • Manage time, people and resources efficiently and effectively
  • Follow through relentlessly
  • Create a loving and positive culture that reflects the core values
  • Successful educational leadership experience with the demonstrated ability to recruit, lead, manage, evaluate, and grow a high performing team
  • Experience working with students and families in low income communities
  • Business expertise related to compliance reporting, educational legal obligations, and general business operations
  • Relentlessly focused on driving the growth (quality and quantity) of the school
  • Driven by a passion for U.S. education reform and ensuring every student has an excellent education
  • Embraces the core values of the organization
Personal Characteristics
  • Serving Leader able to continually raise the bar, confront the brutal facts, and inspire, equip, and support the team to achieve beyond their own expectations
  • Strategic thinker and initiator who enjoys tackling challenges and overcoming obstacles
  • Personable and professional with a strong ability to develop relationships and a sense of “team and family”
Professional Competencies
  • Able to simultaneously lead multiple complicated and intense projects
  • Strong communication skills
  • Possesses notable problem-solving skills 
  • Capable of delegating well and effectively monitoring the progress of team members
  • Welcomes change and constantly seeks new, efficient processes to accomplish goals
  • Possesses strong quantitative analytical skills and understanding of Microsoft Excel
  • Master’s degree with exceptionally strong writing and communication skills
Anticipated Start Date:  Summer 2017
Salary and Benefits: HOPE offers a competitive compensation package, including employer matched retirement account.

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