Middle School ELA Teacher
Milwaukee, WI
Summer 2017
HOPE Christian Schools

Position: Lead Teacher
Reports To: School Principal
Position Overview:  HOPE Christian School: Fortis invites passionate educators to apply for the position of the Lead Teacher for the 2017-2018 school year. HOPE Fortis is seeking a Lead Teacher committed to ensuring dramatic student achievement for all students in their classroom. Teaching at HOPE Fortis is an ideal position for educators with a deep passion for instruction who are eager to gain rigorous development to help perfect their craft. In addition to participating in weekly professional development and team planning meetings, teachers receive consistent high-impact coaching and feedback from a school leader. Achieving HOPE’s mission of Christ. College. Character. ®  as a Lead Teacher requires incredibly high standards, a commitment to loving our students, an unyielding belief that all children can and must succeed, and a passion for developing the character of every child. 
Essential Responsibilities of the Lead Teacher include but are not limited to:
Student Achievement & Character Development
  • Take personal responsibility for the academic outcomes of every student delivering measurable academic growth and increasing every student’s achievement.
  • Set and hold students to extremely high academic and behavioral standards.
  • Embody and demonstrate a loving, Christ-like character and ensure that students exhibit the same values.
Teaching Excellence
  • Set measurable, ambitious, and attainable goals for the year and each interim assessment cycle.
  • Develop and implement daily lesson plans as part of a long-term scope and sequence aligned to the curricular goals of HOPE Fortis.
  • Conduct interim assessments, track student progress, and perform regular data analysis to determine student mastery and diagnose areas of conceptual misunderstanding.
  • Use a variety of rigorous formative and summative assessments to evaluate individual academic progress and adjust instructional plans to meet the needs of students.
  • Employ a variety of creative, differentiated, and research-based instructional strategies that ensure students are actively engaged in meaningful and rigorous learning experiences.
Classroom Culture
  • Develop a positive, achievement-oriented and structured learning environment so that all students are invested in their academic excellence and can fulfill their potential.
  • Ensure a setting that meets the needs of all students.
  • Set and reinforce clear expectations and routines that align to school-wide values and policies.
  • Recognize, celebrate and reward student achievement and character development.
Student and Family Relationships
  • Build rapport with students, parents, and families so they understand that teachers love them.
  • Establish and maintain open lines of communication, providing accessibility to students and families beyond the hours of the typical school day.
  • Invest parents and families in their children’s academic success through consistent communication of student progress and challenges.
Personal Effectiveness
  • Continually improve teaching skills by seeking out constructive feedback and professional development opportunities.
  • Use an effective system for tracking student mastery of curricular objectives for each unit throughout the school year.
  • Maintain accurate and complete records, including but not limited to: attendance, behavior, student achievement data, grades, progress reports, parent communication, textbooks, etc.
Contribution to the HOPE Fortis Community
  • Collaborate with team members to ensure a loving, rigorous, safe environment across the entire school.
  • Assume responsibility for every single scholar’s success by holding all students accountable to school-wide behavioral expectations.
  • Actively and professionally participate in all faculty and staff meetings, professional development, and events.
  • Work with peers to enhance the school’s professional learning community.
  • Teach, lead, or assist other educational programs outside of regular school hours.
  • Perform other duties and responsibilities as requested by school leaders.
  • Bachelor’s degree from a competitive college or university.
  • Willingness to attain WI Teacher Certification.
Work Experience: 
Two years of teaching experience with a record of high student achievement in an urban setting is preferred.
Skills & Characteristics:
  • A demonstrated passion for and commitment to the mission of HOPE Christian Schools to build a high-performing, growing network of schools that dramatically impact students’ academic and character development.
  • Strong instructional and classroom management skills.
  • Demonstrated mastery and enthusiasm for content knowledge.
  • Strong organization, planning, and time management skills.
  • A tireless work ethic, entrepreneurial spirit, and innovative solution finder.
  • Serving Leader able to continually confront the brutal facts, inspire, equip, and support the school to achieve its mission.
  • Open to feedback and committed to continuously improving.
  • Personal qualities: passionate, relentless work ethic, humility, positive in the face of incredible challenges, and loving.
  • Committed to HOPE’s Statement of Faith.
Application Process:
  • HOPE Fortis has assembled a specific application process that includes, but is not limited to, the following steps:
  • Online application with résumé and multiple essay questions
  • Phone interview
  • Final interview with role plays, a model lessons with feedback, case studies, and questions with the admin team.
  • If you are selected for an in-person interview you will be required to produce teaching credentials (if required for this position) and proof of your highest degree obtained in order to participate in the interview.

Anticipated Start Date: July 2017

Compensation: HOPE Christian Schools offers a generous compensation package, including participation in employer sponsored 403(b) retirement account and world class professional development opportunities. 

HOPE Christian Schools, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.

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