ELL Teacher
St. Louis, MO
Summer 2017
EAGLE-St. Louis

Position Summary:


The ELL teacher for EAGLE College Preparatory Schools is entrusted with facilitating the instruction and learning of students who are identified as English Language Learners. This teaching position was established for the purpose of facilitating student success and managing the ELL caseload at one or more EAGLE schools. The teacher’s duties include but are not limited to the following:


ELL Teacher

* Act as an instructional leader in guiding, directing and modeling best practices of ELL instruction across the curriculum

* Identify, assess and monitor, and place ELL students in appropriate ELL education program

* Modify instructional resources and teaching methods to meet the needs of a diverse student population including, but not limited to, students with special needs, students whose first language is not English, students who are economically diverse, and students who are culturally diverse

* Develop and implement weekly instructional activities to promote English language acquisition

* Supplement and reinforce classroom teacher objectives and district curriculum by scheduling and working with individuals or small groups according to their needs in English or the content-area subjects

* Work effectively with students and demonstrate a proven ability to accommodate for the needs of diverse learners

* Provide students with input that reinforces language skills such as listening comprehension, oral production, language structure and patterns, communication, reading, and writing by following the district curriculum

* Evaluate individual student progress through regular assessments including the ACCESS for ELLs and W-APT screening test when appropriate

* Ensure that student growth and achievement is continuous and aligned with the Missouri English Language Learner Proficiency standards and maintain record of all lesson plans aligned with Missouri’s ELL Proficiency standards and ILLPs (Individual Language Learner Plans)

* Maintain appropriate student records and files on each student according to federal, state and district guidelines, maintain building level MOSIS ELL data

* Ensure compliance with state requirements for ELL monitoring

* Work collaboratively with administration to develop, implement and coordinate a comprehensive ELL program

* Provide insight into the cultural and linguistic backgrounds as well as the academic experiences of the students

* Adapt and develop relevant instructional materials for ELL instruction

* Provide a wide variety of staff development offerings and act as a resource in ELL for teachers, parents, administrators and community members

* Disseminate materials and information on current research related to ELL

* Be professionally active in education associations related to ELL, including regular participation in conferences, workshops and other staff development opportunities



Other Essential Functions

* Model professional and ethical standards when interacting with students, parents, peers, and community members

* Establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with students, parents, peers, and community members

* Communicate frequently with parents through phone calls, emails, in-person conversations, and conferences

* Communicate frequently with classroom teachers about student progress

* Manage student behavior using positive character development with a loving emphasis

* Provide reasonable vigilance for physical safety and well-being of students, specifically while on campus, and in some circumstances off-campus (i.e., field trips)

* Actively participate in professional development activities provided by the schools

* Collaborate with peers to enhance our professional learning community

* Promote the school in a positive manner

* Perform other duties and responsibilities as directed by the Principal





All candidates must have:

* a bachelor’s degree (or higher)

* Missouri ESOL certification (provisional is acceptable)


Successful candidates are:

* highly-skilled collaborators who prefer the challenge and fun of teamwork

* creative thinkers who take a solutions oriented approach to classroom and school challenges and

* hard-working professionals dedicated to doing whatever it takes to close the achievement gap

Application Process:


Anticipated Start Date: July 2017


Salary and Benefits: EAGLE Schools offer a generous compensation package. We provide all employees with the tools and resources to be successful in their roles. We also guarantee the team of people you work with will be highly capable and driven to close the achievement gap that exists in our community.


EAGLE College Prep Endeavor, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.

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